What You Did Not Know about Life at the University

Going to college is definitely an exciting period in any teenager’s life. It is the time where you make new friends, learn new things, become independent and face a lot of changes. Needless to say, your life will be much different once you become a university student. You probably expect dealing with new professors and having to get used to their teaching style, and all these changes may be overwhelming. At the moment, you can only see the positive parts, which is actually nice. As a teenager, you think nothing can surprise you, but you should know that there are also plenty of things that will happen unexpectedly. If you thought that choosing a university and writing the application is difficult, wait to see what awaits you the moment you get your confirmation letter and step inside the campus. You might have to overcome some challenges, so read on to discover a short list of facts about university life.

Accommodation really matters

During your school years, you were probably used to living at home, with your parents, enjoying the comfort of your own room. Well, once you move to college, things change. You need to leave the nest and look for a place of your own, so whether you choose the campus dorm or a rental apartment, what you should know is that this will make the difference. In order for you to perform at your fullest potential, you must stay in a quiet and comfortable place, so make sure you choose student housing carefully. A great tip is that you rent an apartment or house with some of your friends, but not the closest ones, because you may end up fighting for household matters.

There are so many options

While in high school you had to stick to traditional classes, as soon as you get to college, you can almost do your own schedule. Furthermore, as far as options are concerned, you should also know that there are no right or wrong answers. Here, everybody encourages you to speak up and say your opinion, as long as you can back it up. In addition to this, there are even open classes where students have to debate on several topics, in order to prove their argumentation skills and explain their point of view.

Freedom has its drawbacks

Probably the best thing about being a college student is that you can finally be independent. You are your own boss, you are not accountable to anyone so you can create your own schedule. However, soon enough you will discover that this is a double edged sword and you are not a master of time management. This self-driven life style may actually get chaotic at first, until you learn how to organize your time and reach a balance between leisure, fun and study. Freedom requires some adjustment in your mind set and program, but you will see that being both independent and responsible is extremely fulfilling.