Vertical vs Horizontal Rangefinders

Finding the perfect rangefinder is not a simple thing to do, especially if you take into consideration the wide variety of products available nowadays on the market. Rangefinders are special devices used mainly to measure the distance between two definite points, but the most modern models also have several other features, such as measuring the slope or inclination. As far as their uses are concerned, these gadgets were initially launched for military activities, but developed into becoming a common tool in hunting and sports like golf. Nowadays, any person who is passionate about golf owns or uses a rangefinder, since it helps them get understand to the courses, have a clear image on the game and thus improve their performance. In case you are interested in purchasing such a device, then you need to do your homework in advance and read a relevant golf rangefinder review. There are many types of devices available on the dedicated market, and the most common classification classes are vertical and horizontal. Each of these has its own features, so the first thing you need to clear out is what you need the rangefinder for. Afterwards, you can make the final call.

Vertical rangefinders

This is the first of the two most popular categories of rangefinders, and involves the models that are rather new in the industry. Besides being quite performing and efficient, these devices also have a smoother design, being more classy and elegant – the perfect choice for a professional golfer. In addition to providing accurate results and measurements, the rangefinders belonging to this class tend to be more lightweight, which makes them easier to carry on the course. This way, in case you are playing on a large course and you have to take the equipment all around the place, you will have no problem in transporting the device.

Horizontal rangefinders

Generally speaking, this class is considered less smooth than the first one, but this drawback is strictly related to its appearance. Initially, all the rangefinders were horizontal, but in time, design started to play a role in golf players’ choice, which is why the vertical rangefinder appeared. However, in spite of the fact that they tend to be more heavy weight, horizontal devices have the advantage of being stable and resistant. This means that they can be easily fixed directly on the ground, thus providing a higher probability of generating accurate measurements. Taking into consideration that accuracy is very important in golf, you may consider placing performance over comfort, and choose a horizontal rangefinder.

No matter what you choose, remember that reliability and accuracy are the main key performance indicators. Whether you go for a vertical or horizontal device, check if it offers the highest standards of quality, in exchange for the price you pay. However, remember that not all competitions allow the use of additional gadgets, so remember that rangefinders should be used with the sole purpose of helping you get familiar with the course and slopes.