Simple Beauty Tricks for Working Moms

If there is one thing working moms lack, it’s time for themselves and for their beauty routine among all the household chores they have to do, taking care of the kids and going to work. This is why they are constantly looking for fast and effective tricks that help them look good in a short time and with minimum effort. If you are a working mom who can hardly take care of her aspect, these simple beauty tricks will help you stay beautiful fast and easy.

Use a flat iron to style your hair

Getting ready in the morning is something that implies not only preparing your outfit and doing your makeup, but also getting the kids ready, making them breakfast and dropping them off to school, which means that you don’t have much time on your hands. Luckily, with a flat iron, you can arrange your hair in pretty curls or you can straighten your curly hair in only a few minutes. If you don’t own such a styling tool, you are probably wondering what are the best flat irons and how are they used. Well, flat irons are easy to use, comfortable to hold, and use high heat to tame and style the hair fast so that you will achieve a beautiful hairstyle day after day. When it comes to discovering what are the best flat irons, it mainly depends on your type of hair. If you have thin hair, look for flat irons with adjustable controls, whereas if you have thick hair, look for a flat iron than can reach higher temperatures than most models. Last but not least, invest in efficient products with plates made of quality materials such as ceramics, titanium or tourmaline.

Stop the hair fall with a natural product

As a working mom, it is likely that the daily stress will affect your hair and it will cause it to start falling in alarming amounts. Since you don’t have the time and money to resort to expensive salons, you can try to fix the problem at home using a leave-in solution based on hot pepper tincture and nettle tincture. Mix the two ingredients and apply it on your hair a few hours before washing it and in a couple of weeks you will notice that the hair will stop falling.

Beautiful lashes with a DIY lash growth serum

Long and beautiful lashes enhance a woman’s beauty and minimize the makeup routine in the morning, which is great for working moms. Instead of applying eyelash extensions, use a lash growth serum that you can easily make at home and you will see how your lashes and brows will start growing. Mix some castor oil with olive oil, almond oil, and vitamin E and apply the resulted product on your lashes every night before going to bed. The oils will promote the hair growth and will strengthen the hair so that your lashes will be long and curved. If you don’t always have time to make your own serum, you can always buy one.

Secrets for a neat manicure

To avoid chipped nail polish that makes your hands look untidy and can ruin your entire outfit, replace the colored nail polish with a transparent that will only offer your nails a nice shine. A great trick is to rub half a lemon onto your nails to remove the oils and to help the nail polish last longer.