Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

A wedding is an extremely important moment in our lives. The bride and the groom are without any doubt in the spotlight. It’s their day after all. What can you do when the wedding is over? Wait for the next year, to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. Have a look at the following romantic wedding anniversary ideas.

Rent a small restaurant just for you two

You will probably think that this is a bad idea, due to the costs that this idea involve, but that is not true. A small restaurant is not that expensive as you think it might be. You can go and talk with the owners and see how much they will charge you. Remember that you are not renting the restaurant for the whole night. It’s going to be only for 3 or 4 hours. Most of the restaurants close early during the week, so a good idea would be to celebrate your anniversary before the weekend, otherwise they might charge you more, because they will lose clients if you decide to rent it in the weekend. In case you have found the restaurant, it is now time to decorate the table with beautiful and romantic candles and flowers. The dinner must include your favourite dish, wine and dessert. For a more romantic night, you should listen to your favourite song as well, and obviously invite your wife to dance.

Rent a cottage in the middle of nowhere

This might sound strange, but for some people who work a lot and live in a metropolitan city, a weekend spent in a cottage in the middle of nowhere can be extremely relaxing and wonderful. In case you are planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary, consider this idea a romantic one. You two, in a romantic cottage, somewhere in the woods or mountains, with a wooden fireplace, having a glass of wine, listening some good music and reliving your wedding day and the good times spent together. You can choose a place where you have been before and it’s special for you, as a couple, or you can go for something totally new. It’s up to you what you choose, as long as you are happy with the choice. On the other hand, you could surprise your wife with this special wedding anniversary. A romantic wedding anniversary idea like this, will require a big budget, but the special moments spent together will certainly worth all the money in the world.