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Inside a couple of days of its release, a thirty-something couple carried their tablet PC along with them as their real estate agent showed them a house which possessed a kitchen they adored. They pulled out this tablet, as well as took video footage of this kitchen. They went on to record every one of the houses they previewed. That night, they posted what was recorded upon Facebook in order for their family and friends to view what they’d been doing that afternoon. Immediately, they began to get feedback, suggestions and comments and thankfully, the agent was within their Facebook network and had the ability to join within the conversation as family and friends posted their ideas.


A fresh age of real estate is born! For the lack of a better phrase, I’ve decided to refer to it as ‘Social Showing.’ It may not be for everybody, yet nowadays, the Facebook generation adores getting everybody engaged and receiving comments, feedback and suggestions, particularly for big buys such as cars, appliances, and houses. You should get used to it, due to it going viral and it is going fast. The wise agents are headed toward the electronics shop today, and they’re suggesting that their clientele shoot videos of the houses at every showing. Agents then post this video upon YouTube then send the clientele a link and additionally ask a client to post this video upon their Facebook page. It’ll give them two methods of receiving feedback from those they know.


Tablets were made from the floor up to shoot video then post it online. It’s so simple that the most tech-phobic real estate agents could do it. It’s going to move home video marketing within the mainstream quicker than agents could imagine. Wish to promote that broker open house? Capture a fast video of the food you’re serving in order for agents to see what they can expect as they come. Capture a video update upon what’s occurring within the marketplace then post upon Twitter, your site and Facebook.


During the closing, pull out the tablet PC then capture a video testimonial from the client then post it upon your Facebook page. Ask them to place a comment in order for it to post to their network, too. It’s the best within social marketing, as well as the real estate agents leading the way are going to generate a massive advantage.

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