Playroom Design Ideas

If your house has a basement that you haven’t given a purpose so far, you can use the basement of your house to create a perfect playroom for your kids and their friends. This place is usually dark and damp, so it will need some repairs and enhancements in order to turn it into a clean, safe and comfortable room. Follow these ideas and turn your basement into the perfect playroom for your kids.

    • First, you will have to free the space and remove the excess moist using a basement dehumidifier that will successfully handle the moisture in this large area. Then, you can start painting the walls in bright and joyful colors that will match the playroom designs and apply a soft carpet on the floor to protect from cold and from accidents. Make sure there is plenty of light in the room by installing lamps in various corners to allow the children to play in a proper light. Once the design details are ready, you can start furnishing and decorating the playroom according to the needs and tastes of your little ones.
    • This ship-themed playroom is perfect for boys of various ages and it can serve many purposes as you can design every piece of decoration to be used for something. Install a boat in the center of the room to let the children play as sailors, place a table in one corner for coloring and reading activities and use the rest of the space for toys. Don’t forget to complete the ship scene by painting the walls to resemble a city on a sea shore.
    • Keeping a room tidy is something that your children should learn from an early age, and what better way to teach them than using their playroom as an example. This playroom design idea is the perfect way to teach the kids to keep their toys organized in the tall shelf filled with labeled boxes. This way, they will know which toy goes where and they will always enjoy a clean and uncluttered playroom. The cozy sofa serves for relaxation and even a day nap, while the table is perfect for coloring, reading, or playing games, so this playroom includes every essential detail for a practical playground.
    • For delicate little girls, this playroom is the perfect fantasy land where they can feel like elegant princesses. Every item used in decorating this playroom must have a vintage look created by soft pale colors, white furniture, and delicate toys. Your little girls will love to invite their friends over for a tea party in this gorgeous playroom design.