Maximizing Your Commercial Real Estate Potential


Commercial Real estate should be treated with the same focus, care and diligence that any prudent investor would show to the balance of their commercial investment portfolio, and too often this asset class is relegated to a tertiary position and does not receive the attention and focus to maximize its potential to the investor. In today’s tough economic times, it is important that investors of commercial real estate, whether it be apartments, retail shopping centers, office, or industrial take proactive approach when dealing with the current market condition in order to properly respond in the management of their commercial real estate portfolios. One commercial real estate class that has seen the biggest shift in the current economic climate has been apartments. Multi-Family investments have traditionally been a high velocity industry, but in today’s economic times this industry has cooled. Investors have seen an increase in vacancies with tenants becoming more transient than ever before. Leaving apartment owners, management companies, and leasing agents scrambling to find ways to properly advertise and market the available units in order to maintain occupancy. Commercial real Estate management companies currently offer several attractive move-in incentives to new tenants looking to lease an apartment. These move in specials or concessions usually take shape in the form of discounted rents.

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