How to Turn a Plain Room into a Nursery

There is no happier news than the fact that soon a new member will join the family. Babies are a great responsibility and need equipment for their care that takes a lot of space. Turn one of the rooms in your home that isn’t used into a nursery for the little one. This way there will be enough space for all the things you need for the baby and you’ll make good use of a room that wasn’t being used anyway.


Start the transformation of the room with picking a theme to go by. The theme dictates the colors that will be used for the walls, the type of flooring and what accessories will be put around the place. In addition, choosing a theme to go by makes the room seem more friendly and unique. For example, if you choose a jungle theme for the nursery, you could paint the walls yellow and add drawings of trees and animals. For the floor go with a brown color to make it seem like it’s the ground of the jungle and spread cute animal stuffed toys around the room.


When you put together a nursery there are mandatory pieces of furniture that have to be bought for the room. A crib is a must have; the baby needs to sleep in a safe and comfortable bed as well as we do, only difference is that they require a different sort of bed than us. Choose an eco crib mattress to make sure that the mattress the little one is sleeping on won’t cause him allergies and will provide a good and healthy environment to sleep and play on. Another important piece of furniture for the nursery is the changing table. Put the changing table close to the crib to not run around the room holding the baby when it makes a mess in the diaper. By the side of the changing table always put a trash bin and make sure you take the trash in it out as frequently as possible to avoid bad smells. As well as the crib and the changing table, the dresser is a mandatory furniture item for a nursery. Store the tiny clothes of the baby in a spot of their own, don’t mix them with the clothes you wear and put in your dresser; the baby has to be protected from smoke smells, bacteria and other things that might be lurking in your dresser. Don’t be worried about space because these furniture items come in custom sizes as well, providing you with what you need for your nursery.

Air quality

Make sure the nursery is providing the baby with fresh and clean air to protect the little tyke from any disease related to germs that are in the air and from respiratory problems. Purify the air in the nursery by putting an air purifier in the room. This device will remove toxic particles that exist in the air and that could give the newborn allergy attacks. Be careful when you choose the air purifier because most of them generate ozone which is very dangerous for the lungs of the baby. There are certain models of air purifiers that are specially made to be safe for babies as well as adults, some of these models using actual plants to enhance the purifying process. For better air quality put a humidifier in the nursery to keep the level of humidity in the air under control and protect the baby from coughing at night; if the little one gets a good night sleep, so do you.


As soon as the baby arrives in this world you make it your job to protect that little human for the rest of its life. Staying constantly by the side of the baby is impossible; mount in the nursery a security camera or baby monitor and keep tabs on the little fellow even when you’re not sitting by its side. A baby monitor is useful because it transmits all noises from the room and if the little one starts crying you can make your appearance and calm the baby down. The security camera allows you to see everything that happens in the nursery, even when you are away from home and you call in a babysitter. If you are at home and have chores to do around the house the security camera is definitely the best option. You can watch on the TV, phone or tablet what is happening in the nursery while taking care of the rest of the house.

Consider a baby sound machine

Contrary to popular belief, the womb is not a very quiet place. On the contrary, it is quite noise, and the fetus gets used to this noisy environment. As a result, when the bay gets born, they can find a quiet environment to be quite unsettling, and not at all restful. In order to help your baby sleep better, consider investing in the best sound machine, one which comes with different types of noises, such as static white noise, nature sounds and even lullabies.

If the motherly stress is keeping you up at night, you might also consider getting a sound machine for yourself. The best sound machine should be compact, easy to use and it should have a wide variety of sounds.