How to Deal with a Defiant Child

In case you are a parent, you probably know that educating a child involves lots of patience and strictness. It is without any doubt hard work, but definitely a pleasant one. What can you do in case you have a defiant child? You probably don’t know what’s the best way to act, in order to make him listen to you. Here is some parenting advice about how to deal with a defiant child.

Teach your child the family rules

This is an important step in order to deal better with a defiant child. Your child must know that he has to respect the rules at all times. The rules should involve respecting the others, finishing his homework, talking nicely with the people around him, and even helping with the cleaning. Sit down and nicely explain to your child that you won’t tolerate a different behaviour than the one that involves the rules. It is not fair to expect your child to be good, if you don’t explain to him what’s wrong and what is right, and most of all what are your expectations.

Keep your child busy

Keeping your child busy is extremely important, in order to help him become a responsible adult. And this is probably the best thing you can do for a defiant child. Besides school, he must do other things as well. He could start practising a sport or playing a musical instrument. Depending on what are his hobbies and talents, you can talk to him and explain why it’s important to have all sort of extra school activities. If doing so, your child won’t have time to notice other uninteresting things around him.

Make a strict timetable for your child

It is necessary that you make a strict timetable for your child, and do not deviate from it. If doing so, your child will know which are the most important things to do and he will certainly become responsible. At the beginning, a defiant child won’t agree with this timetable, but you need to nicely explain to him why it’s necessary to have a timetable like this. Even if he doesn’t understand and still don’t agree with you, you need to say to him that he needs to respect it, otherwise you will be forced to take measures such as not letting him play at the computer any more, or not giving him sweets for a period of time. In case you say these things to him, it is extremely important that you keep your ”promise”, no matter what. Defiant children tend to cry and scream a lot when they are forbidden to do something or when you take something important from them, such as the computer or sweets. You must not be impressed by their tears. You will notice that if you walk away, at some point they will stop crying and come after you asking for your attention. You can then explain them again why it’s important to respect the timetable, but not more than twice.