How To Cold Call For Real Estate


Why do even the most successful commercial real estate agents tend to neglect to schedule cold calling as a priority in their daily business planner? Commercial Real Estate Agents in today’s financial climate are constantly looking for other ways to develop new business without having to cold call, which is a time proven method of generating new business. Most established commercial agent tend to look at cold calling as a task that is beneath them, and tend to leave it in the hands of their junior commercial agents? Many Senior agents hold themselves to a higher standard and believe their time can be better served by working with existing clients, and continuing to locate business through those ore-existing contacts, but they seem to forget that we all got our start, and reached a level of success through the art of cols calling.
When seasoned agents do decide to get back on the phones they tend to be drawn to making warm calls instead of trying to develop new relationships and business. We all know why we should cold call, yet we simply do not do it.
Cold calling is the single easiest thing that any one commercial real estate agent will have to do in any given day, but we approach as we would a trip to the dentist, and procrastinate and find other ways to try and generate business. The art of The Cold Call takes focus, concentration, patience, and the ability to block outside distractions. In addition, a successful cold caller makes a daily commitment of time in order to be successful

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