How Does Your Parenting Style Affect Your Child

The way you take care of your kids, how you handle their behavior and which things you inspire them will significantly influence their personality and the way they will manage things in life. It’s never easy to know which is the right thing to do when it comes to raising your child, but it’s very important that you find the balance that will create the proper environment for them. Here is how your parenting style is affecting your child and how you can find the right way to handle every situation.

The neglectful parenting

Being neglectful is perhaps the worst thing a parent can do, as this not only makes the child feel abandoned, but it can also turn them into an insecure person with severe behavior problems. A neglectful parent doesn’t spend much time with their children, doesn’t create rules that the children must learn how to follow and can hardly control the actions of their children. A child raised by such a parent doesn’t know how to follow rules, doesn’t develop a proper behavior, lacks self-control and has communicating issues.

The authoritarian parenting

This type of parenting is basically ruled by the “Because I said so” phrase, and parents impose a variety of rules that children must obey by all means. Children grow up developing trust issues, lack communicating skills that are essential in leadership, tend to follow every rule regardless its importance and don’t know how to express their own point of view. Furthermore, children raised in an authoritarian style have an increased chance of becoming authoritarian as parents themselves.

The permissive parenting

This parenting style is a casual style that allows the children to do whatever they want, based on the idea that the children themselves will learn what is best for them. Parents act more like friends and confidants of the child, they are loving and supportive, they don’t set rules or goals for the child and they allow them to solve things as they like. Although it’s a good thing to give space and freedom of choice to your children, being too permissive makes the child too spoiled, even rude sometimes, they don’t learn how to follow rules, they take everything for granted and they lack self-control.

Individuated parenting

This is the hardest standard to achieve, as it is a perfect combination of the previous three parenting styles. Individuated parents let the child take they own decisions but know exactly when to interfere, they let the child be free as long as they know boundaries, they set their own rules while allowing the child to set theirs, and they talk to the child rationally. Therefore, the child will turn into a responsible adult who knows how to make decisions, how to separate good from bad, knows how to handle various situations in life and knows the they count on their parents’ support.