Best Parenting Strategies for the Teenage Years

Teens are rebellious and they think no one understands them except for their friends. Parenting a teen is a nightmare and surely all parents await impatiently for the time when the teen years are just a horrible memory. Don’t simply wait it out, do your best and get through to the once lovely child you knew by using some strategies!

How Does Your Parenting Style Affect Your Child

Depending on your elections and your actions, your child’s behavior is influenced and its best that you have a positive influence on your child. Every parenting style has its particularities, its flaws and its advantages and the best way to enhance your child’s personality is to find the right parenting style that will not affect them in the wrong way.

What You Did Not Know about Life at the University

Going to college is definitely an exciting period in any teenager’s life. It is the time where you make new friends, learn new things, become independent and face a lot of changes. Needless to say, your life will be much different once you become a university student. You probably expect dealing with new professors and…