Easy Recipes of a Perfect Summer Barbecue with Your Family

When the sun heats the air in summer, the last thing you want to do is cook in the kitchen and increase the temperatures even more. This is when you must go outdoors and heat the grill in the backyard so you can enjoy tasty and juicy barbecues with your family without baring the kitchen heat. For your relaxing summer days, we have selected some of the recipes that are the easiest to make and taste wonderful.

    • Skewers are everyone’s favorite because they are the perfect blend of meat and vegetables in an interesting shape and with an excellent flavor. You can make this recipe with any kind of meat you like and you can add a wide range of vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, the choice is yours. For a more intense flavor, make a sauce with herbs that will make the meat juicier and leave the meat in the sauce for half an hour. Cut the ingredients in small pieces and stick them on skewers then put them on the grill. Since you don’t want a high heat that will burn the small pieces of vegetables and meat, it’s best that you use a gas grill that creates a more gentle heat and allows you to have better control over the temperatures. If you are still using a charcoal grill, you might want to read some of the latest gas grill reviews and upgrade to a fancy gas grill. It will save you a lot of time and trouble.
    • If you have a regular charcoal grill and you are a fan of seafood, this recipe will become your favorite for the summer. You will have to make a sauce using honey, lime, soy sauce and coriander and add shrimps and corn to it. Then, make some small pockets of aluminum foil and accommodate there a spoonful of the shrimp and corn mixture. Take the rack off the grill and place the aluminum foil pockets directly on the charcoal for 10 minutes, just enough for the shrimps to take all the flavor they need. The heat from the charcoal and the foil will make sure the result will be juicy and tasty.
    • You can easily make sandwiches on the grill for your kids to enjoy on a summer day at a barbecue. All you will have to do is grill your favorite vegetables, we suggest eggplant and tomatoes but you can use any vegetable you like and place some bread slices on the grill as well. The gas grill works best because it doesn’t add that smokey flavor to the food. If you read the latest gas grill reviews, you will see that modern grills allow you to adjust the heat intensity on the burners. So on the same grill, you can cook vegetables, steak and chicken, without burning either of them and without leaving any of them uncooked. You can add your favorite sauce to the recipe and make delicious sandwiches that are light enough for a hot summer day.