Best Parenting Strategies for the Teenage Years

Having a teen in the house is like being stuck in the same room with a bomb about to explode. Parenting a teen is just like defusing a bomb; find the pattern and follow it to fix the problem and to once again have peace. Teens get mad for no real reason, see the parents as their worst enemies and refuse to listen to logic. Take on a strategy to convince them to change the typical teen behavior.

Stop being the parent and be a friend

In the teenage years friends are the most important people in one’s life. Unfortunately, parents are seen as outsiders from a teen’s point of view. You’re old, not in tune with what’s cool anymore and you don’t fully understand their taste in clothes and music anymore. But you don’t have to act like them to befriend them. A parent can become a special friend to the teenage son or daughter; one with which to share different experiences and feelings. Approach the child by asking what they like, who they like and everything you think is an important topic for them without being intrusive and persistent if they don’t desire to answer certain questions and you’ll find that the child isn’t impossible to talk to; it’s just a phase in which all the attention has to evolve around them and taking an interest in their personal life in a subtle way will grant you success.

Set some rules and punishments

No matter if the teen is behaving well or creating chaos for the entire family, rules have to be set. Sit down with them and have a discussion in which you set some rules and boundaries together. Involving them in taking this decision will bring them closer to you and they will understand that you don’t want to ground them just for the fun of it. A great rule to come up with together is what the curfew hour should be. Find an hour that is convenient for both the child and yourself and to seem cooler to the teen, set a different curfew for the week-end. Another decision you can take together is about the type of punishment to apply in case rules are being broken. For example, if the child arrives home too late repeatedly or if their grades are falling because they play too much and don’t do the homework, a good punishment would be taking their phone, tablet, laptop and TV for a couple of days. This way they learn that rules are set to be obeyed and breaking them has repercussions.

Be a role model for your teen

If you want the teenager to act and speak nice you have to set a good example for them. Unfortunately, there are kids who grow up in households where the parents use foul language leading to the kids to do the same; it’s sort of monkey see, monkey do. Education starts at home and the way you act has more influence over the teenager than you would think. Therefore, be careful how you act around them because you are a role model for them.