3 Ways in Which a Home Sauna Can Improve the Health of Your Family

The old and young members of the family might not be able to go to a gym or a spa to use the saunas there. In addition, you may have a ton of bad luck and go to a sauna where they don’t clean properly, this way ending up with a fungal skin infection. Either buy a small or medium sized sauna and set it up in the bathroom or any room where it will have access to a water source, or buy one for the exterior if you live in a house; what is important is that you must have a sauna available for your use and your family’s use at any time. It’s a miracle worker for our health. In the following lines we will talk about the three ways in which a home sauna can improve your family’s health.

Remove toxins

Our environment exposes us all to man-made toxins and pollutants, as a result of technology and the modern lifestyle we have. We are not safe anywhere from exposure to chemicals and toxins that inevitably harm our health; we even breathe, eat and drink these contaminants. By making the body sweat heavily, the dry sauna helps release these toxins from our bodies and removes any risks to our health that they could bring. The fragile members of the family, like the children, need to be detoxified, because by going to school and outside to play they enter in contact with these contaminants which destroy their immunity and put their health in danger.

Cardiovascular benefits

Sitting in a dry sauna for 20-30 minutes every day not only removes the toxins that are present in the body, but it helps the heart by having the same effect as mild exercise, as well. The heat from the sauna improves the blood flow and dilates the capillaries. For an elderly person this is very important because they aren’t able to exercise every day to keep themselves healthy, therefore sitting in a hot sauna is a better choice for them. Studies have shown that after only four weeks of indulging themselves in the use of a sauna, 80% of the patients they studied that had serious heart failure have seen significant improvement in ejection fraction, their blood pressure decreased and they saw improvements in their exercise tolerance and oxygen uptake as well. Just imagine how well your older family members will feel after using the sauna in the comfort of their own home.

Stress relief

The environment we live in is toxic for our bodies and for our minds as well. The amount of pressure and stress we are confronted with in our everyday lives is overwhelming, and can even cause depression. Stress hits all family members of all ages, without a doubt. The children are stressed because of school, the parents because of work, and the elders because of their health problems. Having a sauna around when you come back home from a long and stress filled day is the ultimate stress relief system for anyone. Just relax for 20 minutes and take your mind away from your everyday problems completely!